We Happy Few – Empty Boxes

Title : We Happy Few – Empty Boxes
Release Date : September 1, 2010
Catalog ref. : We Happy Few (884502549751)
Format : Digital Download

Selected Reviews

“We Happy Few seem to relish the thought, and revel in the chance of challenging compositional normality and genre acceptability. We Happy Few make a nicely brash ‘noise’ that some will find hard to accept, certainly in the first instance. Subsequent hearings may loosen the mind and reality may just start to take hold. Continuous exposure to We Happy Few is almost certainly gonna lead to irreparable damage to the ‘normality receptors’ and a possible addiction to We Happy Few’s unconventional blues-abilly!! I applaud their guts and I admire their (slightly leftfield) vision. I hope We Happy Few continue in their quest to change the way we think about our music; this SW London combo show great spirit, great originality and great audacity and long may We Happy Few continue to rock our world!!” Toxic Pete – toxicpete.co.uk

An interesting ‘dirty’ sound for the vocals which adds to the atmosphere of the song. Good rhythm and a nice instrumental mix. It’s been getting lots of airplay at UCA. Marcus at UCA Radio comments on California 49

“…..I’m excited by the prospect of an upcoming concept album set during the Californian Gold Rush featuring money, love and murder by We Happy Few. I caught these guys a few months ago at the Half Moon Unplugged in Putney. Their old school Americana vibe has stuck with me ever since.
Its refreshing to find a band take on something so challenging. Especially when its so easy to screw a concept album up. Judging from the opening track ‘California 49’, I don’t think we’ll be disappointed.” Rylan – holeytonal.com

Alt blues band We Happy Few have a garage-y, British take on the genre, reminiscent of bands like the Bishops. Sam Inglis – Sound On Sound