We Happy Few – On A Low Down Track

Title : We Happy Few – On A Low Down Track
Release Date : August 31, 2011
Catalog ref. : We Happy Few (885767573024)
Format : Digital Download


jampanda Love this album

I have been following this band for about two years now and brought their last album “Empty Boxes” this new album doesn’t disappoint!! Like most albums it takes a few plays to sort out what’s what but it’s wasn’t long before I was hooked. Hope to get to see them live soon.
Simon de blues Love it

The artist has got the balance just right between rock and blues – I love it!
Katie Temple Amazing!

Great CD, a must buy!
Barney These guys rock! And roll!

I saw these guys live recently in South London as my friend said how great they were and she wasn’t wrong! So I immediately went out to see if I could download one of their albums which brought me here. This album is ace and if you have any interest in rhythm and blues then you won’t be disappointed. And as a bonus the lead singer is REALLY hot! I know, you wouldn’t think bluesman and hot belong in the same sentence, but believe me. Phew!